Xcel Energy Disconnection Notice


I really should not be ranting about this Xcel Energy Disconnect Notice that we just  got in the mail. I flat-out forgot to pay the bill which I usually do online.

What pisses me off is that I have never been late with my online electricity bill payment, but they send me this draconian disconnect notice which tells us we owe them a $125 disconnection fee over and above the bill for the electricity! We missed only this one month out of the 5 years of electric service we have had at this residence. Perhaps some sort of automated text or phone message reminding us we were late on our monthly payment would have been a more customer-centric way of handling things.

We certainly were at fault for not paying, but C’mon  Excel! It was our first time. Give us a break. Geico insurance operates in a similar fashion by sending cancellation notices which really gets the customer’s attention to pony up and settle their debt. I guess if I sold electrical power for a living, then I would also threaten to cut off the electricity of deadbeats who habitually do not pay their bills. Have we gone full circle yet?

Also, read about how Xcel excludes mobile home residents from a free weatherization program that would save trailer park families money.


Xcel Disconnect Notice
Xcel Disconnect Notice

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  1. There was a lot of interest out there as to whether being sick can relieve you of paying your electricity or gas bill. It may depend on what part of the country you live in, but in Albuquerque, New Mexico a doctors note is not a way out of paying your bills.
    I have done a little more research and sickness or medical reasons can be a temporary justification or excuse for not paying your electricity bills, but substantial documentation is required to get this relief.
    The reason is that many slackers will fake illness in order to not pay their electricity bills…Alden Meyer has written helpfully about this topic.

    1. Did anybody read the piece written by Alden Meyer regarding exemptions on whether Xcel or any electric company can disconnect your electricity in the winter?
      I believe that exceptions can be made for the elderly or imfirmed including 90 day extensions, however due to fraud and lowlifes trying to get their power for free, a lot of documentation must be produced to establish ones inability to pay their electric bill.

  2. Rick Spung is a follower of Alden Meyer the ardent supporter of the harm being created by Global Warming? Spung is misinformed about oil and gas recovery via fracking. He does not care about the harm it wreaks on the environment and the potable water it contaminates. This not consistent with him supporting Meyer who believes global warming will flood Houston Metro and lead to cataclysmic population shifts.

    1. Rick, what a blast from the past!! How have you been slick?!! I read what you said about Meyer being pathetic and delusional. Same old Rick calling it like he sees it and being straight up about it. Dad does not play golf as much as he used to. Got tired of peddling furniture and sold out to some wholesalers down south who have really screwed it up worse than it was. Are you still working as a Chem E? Never will forget those all nighters we pulled cramming! Thank the Good LORD that Spung and Meyer dont pull up to many hits in Google. I would have never found you 🙂 Let me here from you….

    2. I agree with Dr Spung that we have no proof that global warming is caused by humans. Elmer Beauregard cites countless concrete reasons as to why people caused global warming is a veritable hoax.

      Myles R. Allen stated that it’s not until people freak out about daffodils blooming in December that they start to say, ‘Maybe they’re right.'”

      The ignorant climate scientist at Oxford University actually believes emissions of greenhouse gases are related to extreme weather.

      What the out of touch ivory tower buffoon doesn’t know is that daffodils sometimes came out in December before human beings became civilized.

      I would pay to see Spung debate this Al Gore acolyte!! Read commentary by Judith Curry where Allen introduced the derisive term Brussels eco-yuppie

  3. I believe this is the same Rick Spung of Conroe, Texas who was involved in the fascinating case about open records. It dealt with the disclosure of personal information related to a criminal investigation that did NOT result in a conviction or a deferred adjudication. Had a conviction or deferred adjudication been effected, then it would be a no brainer that all information regarding the criminal would be public record. I studied the thread of this particular case thoroughly as a 3rd year law student and Spung is to be commended for challenging the Status Quo!!!!!

    I am confused about why Spung believes Patrick Moore was a cofounder of Greenpeace. By all accounts I am familiar with, Moore was instrumental in the organization but NOT the founder. Its hard to say these days with all the tripe that masquerades as the truth on blog. Rick may be right and my sources are wrong!

    Not sure how Spung’s got into this thread that was originally about Alden Meyer, but am glad he did. Spung would be a good lawyer. Maybe he is. He cuts right to the point and is good at sniffing out hypocrites and bullshit. Definitely a man with a well rounded education.

    1. Yes, Rick collaborated with Mr. Gary A. Scott who was Assistant City Attorney at the time with regard to the delicate legal issue of releasing public information that could potentially interfere with ongoing criminal investigations. We were involved with an example where a man knew his wife was doing drugs in front of his children. Another man was involved who was a prominent citizen. Husband tried to dig up dirt via public records on “prominent citizen” but it would have mucked up investigation involving dangerous drug dealers blah blah.

      So thank you sir for your civic mindedness on this crucial subtlety in our convoluted legal system

    2. You are confusing this cat with Ricky Spung in Hillcrest region of Omaha, Nebraska. There was an incident involving a guy who was watching high school cheerleader through her bathroom window where both were party to some kind of mutual masturbation ritual.

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