Xcel Energy discriminates against Mobile Homes


The title of this article should be Xcel energy discriminates against mobile home owners. We have some close friends who have been forced upon hard times and had no choice but to move into a mobile home in southeastern New Mexico. They experienced a sudden medical crisis and got shafted by the insurance company when it came to paying it off.

Living in a mobile home trailer park has been a very difficult transition for this family that once  resided in an upscale Plano Texas neighborhood. So you can imagine their dismay when the local electric company refused to include them in their free home energy service program which included the installation of weather striping around the doors and the caulking of windows.

Their children had never heard the insulting  phrase trailer trash and have battled with self-esteem issues and depression. The advertisement that you see below which excludes mobile home owners from the free weatherization program was first noticed by the youngest girl in the family. After growing up in such a privileged environment one can certainly understand the disappointment and difficulties she is facing now.

Xcel energy excludes mobile homes from their free energy savings program
Xcel energy excludes mobile homes from their free energy savings program

I realize the electric company is not trying to insult unqualified families, but some of the items in the weatherization list could be performed on mobile homes saving their residents money. Also what about all the freeloaders who do not live in mobile homes, but do not pay their bills? They can still avail of the free service. Does that sound fair. Xcel does not disconnect their electrical service even though they are not paying their bills in the cold of winter, but they won’t give mobile home owners a break!




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  1. Jackson,
    I understand your frustration with the exclusion of Mobile Homes, but the reason that requirement exists is because mobile homes are constructed differently and make up a small percent of homes in the area. Xcel Energy is targeting high energy consuming homes during the hottest days of the year to reduce the amount of energy demand on the current system. In fact Xcel Energy is take this proactive approach by conducting this program instead of reacting and in return building more infrastructures for more demand and keeping rates down. The Xcel Energy Program Home Energy Program is NOT a income based program and encourage everyone to call and get more information that way we can properly inform them of any other programs that would be beneficial to them.

    1. Thanks for writing back. I appreciate it. You stressed that Energy Program is NOT a income based program, however it becomes just that as most mobile home residents are low/fixed income. Still not sure why the tests you do on a detached home, or at least some of them, can not be done on Mobile Home?

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