Family of Roswell NM USA Murder Victim Seeks Peace and Justice


Citizens in the small NM United States of America town of Roswell are quite polarized on the issue of unsolved violent murder.  An excellent, case in point, is the Stoarmy Vargas cold case that dates all the way back to October 2013.

His mother Dolores Jaramillo Miller believes Steven Guardado did it as does mother in-law Janet Babos. The testimoney of RPD officer King seems to locate Guardado at the murder scene(Cherry and Edgewood Streets) on the day the young man’s life was extinguished. Eustacio Rios knows what happened, and yet Steven walks the streets as a free man.

All the cold case homicides in Alien City seems to justify the billboard put up by Donald O’Connor of the RPOA which said Roswell’s violent crime rate almost TRIPLES that of Albuquerque!

Larry Connolly who probably has never had any loved ones murdered thinks it is just political grandstanding. I do side with Larry regarding detective O’Connor’s timing and desire to get Kintigh elected as mayor for a second time. It is rather odd that mayoral candidate Mackey had the strongest stance against battling crime.


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  1. April Jean Sorensen suffered a similar fate in Rochester, Minnesota. The attractive blond and aspiring dental hygenist was stabbed and strangled before the killer burned down the house destroying all forensic evidence.

    The killer is sitting somewhere content he will never be caught, but his free days are numbered as forensic science improves daily!

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    She is accused of killing Garland Troy Berg in the region around Midway. Chaves County crime stoppers is trying to locate her.

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