Gunfire Between Nextdoor Neighbors in the Heat of the Summer


Even though the population of Roswell,NM is listed under 50,000 according to Census, it will be closer to double that as UFO tourists will soon be streaming in for the world famous festival.

Along with our Mayor who is taking a well deserved break from his duties, a Roswell resident named Earnest Paul Lisenbee Jr. probably will not be in attendance at that Alien shindig during July 4 Holidays. Why? He shot his neighbor in the chest with a stolen gun(40 caliber Smith and Wesson) in the 100 block of South Ash Street.

Roswell’s crime Reporter, Trevier Gonzalez, stated that Earnest then walked back into his residence, fired up a cigarette, told his wife he loved her, and that he was going back to the penitentiary. ¬†One might question how Gonzalez became privy to this Inside Edition type of gossip.

Lisenbee shot next door neighbor who was in Lisenbee’s(the reporter uses the personal possessive pronoun his ambiguously here; assumption is his refers to 32 year old neighbor Lisenbee shot trespassing on his property) driveway after Lisenbee asked him what he was doing there. The neighbor accused Earnest of “tripping” believing the gunman was under the influence of alcohol or meth.

Much thanks to Trevier for his much needed coverage of the severe violent crime which happens all too frequently here.


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