Involuntary Manslaughter? Don’t you mean Murder?


A domestic dispute which resulted in the death of Milton Wayne Hopkins was called Involuntary Manslaughter apparently because Ja-hmariay Quentell McDavid was coaxed, by his family, to turn himself at the Roswell NM USA Police Department.

Multiple shots were fired inside a home in the 200 block of West Mathews Street only five blocks from Missouri Elementary School. The victim, 37 year old Hopkins, would likely label his death as murder if a seance could be conducted.

I do hope that McDavid turning himself in was NOT what got him the reduced homicide charge of manslaughter.  It was a toxic mixture of inlaws, boyfriends, and girlfriends that we see all too often during the Holiday seasons.

Cold blooded murder, not manslaughter


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  1. I think you are being too harsh. The homie turned himself in and is still a young man who can get his life together.

    On another note, this reminds of article by Susan Alexander Yates and Andrea Gutierrez TIMES TEN dude. Jeez Louise!! ….. where a mother-in-law had gone behind the back of her son’s wife regarding Xmas family reunion. Now nobody got shot, but tensions can be so high between cousins,uncles, aunts during Xmas time!!

  2. OK LOOK! Yo, how many times have you been mad enough at an inlaw that you would have shot them if you had gun easy to get to? That’s right we all get madder than hell in traffic or at loud mouth relatives.

    Ja-hmariay did what he had to do! It will come out in the court case. Mark my words. The homie turned himself in to cops, so he is trusting the courts and the legal system to play fair and let justice prevail.

    1. OK, I get your point of view regarding the temptation to shoot that jerk relative at a family reunion, BUT let’s not forget the zealots like Jon Stokes who believe it is every American’s god given right to own an AR-15! Framers of constitution were not even conceptually aware of rapids fire automatic weapons!!!!

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