67 Year Old Actor Promoting Hearing Loss Business


Many of us remember Bobby Ewing as the good brother fighting the nefarious personal/business practices and conniving ways of his older brother JR in the hit soap opera Dallas. The man, Patrick Duffy, who played Bobby Ewing is now earning money by displaying his well preserved handsome face on Miracle-Ear newspaper advertisements in southeastern NM.

The ad you see below which offers Free Ear Canal Inspections was found in either the Artesia, Carlsbad, or Roswell paper. I would have expected Duffy to have saved more money when his was a world wide star at the height of his Dallas celebrity status. I mean just put $3000 a month into a conservative 5% return mutual fund back in the 80’s and he would not have had to put his name on a product that he likely knows nothing about.

Another shocker regarding the intelligence of the people who read such an ad, is that some probably really trust the sincerity of Duffy expecting that he has assessed the quality of the hearing loss devices and treatments before giving it his imprimatur.

The reality is yet another well past his prime actor trying to squeeze every penny out of his name recognition. If we had seen more about his belief/research in the company other than his handsome face, then what appears to be a shill might have been taken seriously. All advertising involves some degree of deception. Be Alert.

  • Former Soap Opera star endorsing hearing loss company
    Former Soap Opera star endorsing hearing loss company



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