Famous People Peddling Xarelto


This commercial whose producers are genuinely concerned with the health and well being of all its viewers attempts to leverage the name recognition of three professional athletes and a comedian.

Chris Bosh, Arnold Palmer, Brian Vickers, and Kevin Nealon all have presumably taken medications for the purpose of thinning their blood. Nealon was funny as hell on Saturday Night Live, but did not save enough money while he was still in the limelight. It is hard to believe Arnie did not manage his investments properly given the length of his well known career. I don’t know anything about Vickers because who could possibly enjoy watching grown men drive cars in circles? Bosh is the biggest mystery since he still produces quite a bit of income as an NBA athlete.

The medication these four “medical experts” are promoting is Xarelto rivaroxaban tablets which has the side effect of fatally bleeding out internally. For example, somebody with a bleeding ulcer could die emptying blood into the stomach and intestines. Also those with artificial heart valves are advised not to take blood thinners.


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