John Abdo: Androzene


Meet John Abdo. John is touted as a health, nutrition, and fitness expert. He is a former Olympic Coach who is now using his name recognition to sell the penis pill Androzene.

In the picture you see below, he had just told his middle aged male audience that if your wife was not getting it at home, then she would get it somewhere else. Well, the it being referenced is a rock hard member that would be induced by better circulation in the groin area. John also played the hard sale(pun intended) by saying many men had called in saying their wife had left them because of non-performance in the bedroom. PLEASE GUYS, if your wife leaves you because of erectile dysfunction, then the right thing happened. She did not love you to begin with. Good Riddance!

This improved circulation is caused by  the yohimbe ingredient in  Androzene which also sometimes causes side effects like dizziness, nausea stomach problems, sleep problems, kidney failure, heart attack, high blood pressure, irritability, and not so frequently aggressive behavior. Nothing is for free. That boner comes with a nasty side effect price tag!

There have been multiple complaints and problems associated with the pricing and return policy. The TV ad states you can return the product if you are dissatisfied giving the buyer circa 3 weeks to try it and  to return it if it does not give them the hard-on they expected. However, more than a few customers who ordered the erection inducing pill from the infomercial stated it was a tedious and time consuming hassle to get a refund on phone or email. This a common ploy by companies who market and sell their products and services via infomercials.



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