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John Stockton and Karl Malone ran the pick and roll indefensibly well during their historic tenure with the Utah Jazz. Stockton was good for double digits in assists on any given night. Basketball fans know that a player is awarded an assist if he is the last one to pass the ball to a a teammate before a score.

I was watching an NBA game when I was rather disappointed/upset/let down/deflated /perturbed/miffed/pissed off/dismayed to see John Stockton doing a State Farm insurance commercial. The spirit of the televised insurance solicitation was that they assist you and your family in times of financial need in much the same way that the Jazz guard assisted his team in scoring.

The image most had of Stockton during his playing days was a squeaky clean Mormon who was active in the community and an exemplary family man. The commercial portrays him, in many eyes, as a guy getting an easy pay day endorsing a product he has no personal experience with. John, our readers would like to know if you have ever held a policy from this insurance company AND if they came through if you filed a claim?

Also, how much did they pay you for what appears to be no more than 45 minutes of work? I am guessing you got paid around 50 grand and hope you understand the public’s skepticism. Would you have done the commercial for free or a pittance to prove you really believe in the service that the insurance company provides?

Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to associate the products they sell with something or somebody that the public loves or empathizes with.

Utah Jazz guard John Stockton doing State Farm insurance commercial
Utah Jazz guard John Stockton doing State Farm insurance commercial

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  1. Has anybody else here had issues with Jared Wise in Kentucky? My wife is working up there temporarily and bought policy from him that is supposed to give discounts to teachers. The agent never applied the discount and she keeps getting annoying bills in the mail. When she called the guy, he says he will take care of it, but the snail mail bills keep coming. Thanks in advance for your help. We have had decent luck with State Farm in Texas.

    It may not be the fault of Jared Wise. Maybe somebody at corporate is just not inputting info into system or whatever.

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