Penn and Teller: Mazda


The Las Vegas magic/comedy act of Penn and Teller have associated their name with Mazda. These two gentlemen make their money via humor and illusion. Yes, both Penn Fraser Jillette and Raymond Joseph Teller make their living as illusionists.

Penn is age 60 and Teller is 67 years old. Their act has built up enormous name recognition over their years in sin city. However, they are likely both near the end of their careers and there is no compelling reason for any viewer of the Mazda television commercial to believe that either magic man really believes Mazda is a better car maker than any of the others.

Both men are also known for converting their skepticism into humor. I would expect anybody watching these lame commercials to be equally skeptical about comedy duo’s conviction that Mazda cars are better than any other cars.

Please do not allow these illusionist to create the illusion that Mazda is any better than any other car brand. I mean do you really think that Penn and Teller have done their due diligence about the quality of vehicles produced by a particular car manufacturer?

Of course not, the more likely reason they are promoting Mazda is an easy pay day and their awareness that their name recognition is diminishing daily and they need to cash  ASAP or be left in the cold.

One would have expected the two guys to have made enough money during their lengthy careers to not have had to go for such a desperate money grab. Also one questions the wisdom of the Japanese auto maker to try and associate humor and magic with a quality car.


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