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Absolutely anything you can imagine is for sale in the United States. What does Pulp Fiction have to do with ADT Home Security systems? Ving Rhames likely reached the pinnacle of his acting career uttering the often repeated phrase I might have to get all medieval on your ass hill Billy Boy in the famous scene with Bruce Willis’ character after he had been sodomized by the country boy.

I guess one of the images many people took away from that scene is that Rhames’ character was an enforcer type creating security in a criminal underworld of drug dealers and prostitutes.

Now that Ving is an aging actor with less appeal and draw, he is trying to capitalize on what little name recognition he has by selling his fading reputation to ADT Home security systems.

In the picture from the TV commercial you see below, Rhames just declared that he was going to have to get “all enlightened age” on homeowners who are interested in being certain that their domiciles are safe and secure from criminal invasions.

I am guessing Rhames made about a quarter of a million dollars for endorsing a product he knows very little about and probably does NOT have installed in his own home.

ADT, much like Vivint, makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get out of your contract. They are much more expensive and not any more effective than Drop Cam. Remember that Rhames was just going for an easy pay day advertising a product that is no better or worse than similarly priced home security products. Also his marketing ploy/angle about “Smart does not mean safe” could be replaced by “Ving Rhames endorsing home security system does not mean safe”.

Finally, understand that Rhames is a professional actor utilizing his acting skills to convince you that you are much safer buying a product that paid him a lot of money to convince Joe Average American(whose IQs and average salary are diminishing as the years pass) that you are safer purchasing a product he knows very little about! Don’t get suckered in by a guy who does not give a damn about anything other than getting paid in full for his services by ADT.

Public figures daily have to face the truth that 90% of film viewers remember obscure things about them like anal sex scenes or racial epithets made by their characters.


Ving Rhames ADT home security systems and "all enlightened age on your home"
Ving Rhames ADT home security systems and “all enlightened age on your home”

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