William Devane: Rosland Capital


Jane Boursaw observes that many Americans, during periods where stock market is way down like now, are duped into purchasing gold and silver by washed out actors like William Devane.

I am dumbfounded that anybody could possibly believe that a man who lives on a sprawling ranch flying around in his private jet could have their best financial interests at heart.

The only question of interest here is how much Devane is paid by Rosland Capital to help them sell copper and gold to folks AND how anybody could possibly believe he has the acumen required to render financial advice.

Even more revealing is the ignorance of  the many who pay cash for precious metal based only on believing it is Greg Sumner from the famous primetime soap opera Knots Landing who appears to concerned with their financial well being.

77 year old actor peddling silver and gold during reeling markets.
77 year old actor peddling silver and gold during reeling markets.n


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