Fertility Drugs and Retarded Monstrosities


You know the guy in accounting has a retarded kid. These were the words of of the boss of a public relations employee in the movie Its Alive. Yes, the horror movie where the Carnation milk truck driver was eviscerated by a hungry mutated baby with claws and flesh cutting incisors.

These days retarded is pejorative replaced developmentally or mentally challenged or even the phrase special needs. Also if your supervisor or HR person uttered retarded, we are talking law suit city!

The cast of the two and a half star 1974 flick  included Guy Stockwell(played the public relations boss you see in picture named Bob Clayton), William Wellman, Robert Emhardt ,Andrew Duggan, and Michael Ansara. An experimental fertility drug was the cause of the homicidal infant. Not sure who the producer was?

As the movie progressed it was revealed that the baby monster only killed the operating room personnel because they tried to suffocate the hideously deformed child who still loved his parents and brother!


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