Guidance on Aborting Fetus with Severe Mental Disabilities


A pressing and controversial question that gets to the core of ones moral values is If a pregnancy test revealed you were carrying a severely mentally disabled or retarded child, would you choose abortion or the burden of raising the child?
There are countless examples of brave mothers rearing  children in the IQ range of 50-75 which is the federal IDEA  definition of intellectual disability qualifying for additional services in public schools.  Most of them can dress, feed and wash themselves, but cannot read or ever acquire the skills that will allow them to live independently.

A sad fact is that many of the nation’s intellectually disabled are self aware enough to experience frustration and anger at not fitting in and will have temper tantrums in public adding even more stress to an already impossible parenting task.

Sexual Exploitation of the Mentally Challenged

A very dark side of human nature seeks to sexually exploit retarded children knowing they are more vulnerable and less likely to even know they are being taken advantage of. Also many husbands have abandoned their wives once they became aware of the severity of the mental malady.

Parents of non-retarded offspring generally have no trouble finding a babysitter, but  is a tall order for parent of retarded child to find a sitter who has both the skills and patience to take care of a severely challenged kiddo. Also the rates of house sitters are naturally higher in these cases.

Who cannot admire the mother of a child who is destined for a cruel and unfulfilling life, but who will battle to the end and not stand opposed to those who choose to abort? I sympathize with both sides and choose not to judge.


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