Insensitive Behavior Towards Parent of Mentally Challenged Foster Twins


Lauren Cook  had the courage to take on the  responsibility of raising 11-year-old mentally retarded twin foster sons. The San Antonio, TX mom  frequently had to deal with crass, ignorant, and rude comments and behaviors while out in public.

One day in the shopping mall with her mentally challenged twins Isaiah and Santiago, she took them into the ladies’ room with her since they were prone to episodes and anxiety if alone without her in the men’s restroom.  She was accustomed to the stares and the judgmental comments by dumbass country bumpkins, but this particular day she could take no more having to tolerate  “This is the ladies’ room,” the officious woman said, annoyed. “It is?” Lauren asked sarcastically. “Well, my children have mental retardation and they can’t go to the restroom on their own.” The woman walked out of the bathroom saying no more,  but Lauren was incensed as she guided the boys into the commode stall.

Events that are considered routine for the parents of “normal kids” can often become onerous and extremely frustrating for the parents of retarded children. My hat is off to the parents of the over 3 million mentally challenged kids in the United States. Parenting “normal children” drives some to nervous breakdowns, so nothing but respect to you Moms and Dads of special need progeny!

Finally, Lisa writing for Atypical Familia, wrote an insightful and penetratingly accurate piece on how to deal with idiots who can’t keep their mouth shut judging the parenting style of autistic children parents.



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