Sexual Exploitation of Special Needs Kids Abominable


An old college buddy told me about a well built retarded girl that attended Nimitz Junior High School in Odessa, Texas way back in the 80s. That was in the days where retarded was an inoffensive substitute for special needs. He said some of the guys tried to take advantage of her because it would be easier to score with her than a girl who was not stunted mentally.

A few of the guys got away with it in the girl’s bathroom while their friends stood outside stopping  other females from entering. They got away with it the whole semester because the special needs girl enjoyed it and never told anybody. The guys liked her bacause she enjoyed performing the “special favors” more than standard intercourse.

I was reminded of his story when I read about the trials of April Ferguson, the mother of a special needs child enrolled at  Poulsbo Elementary School in Washington. Kim Watland, another special needs Mom, was shocked that sexual assault had been taking place on the school bus for over 8 months without being reported.

It is sad that boys will be boys and take advantage of the weak knowing that the retarded girls might enjoy it AND not report it! One would have expected the bus driver to take a more active role in stopping this hideous exploitation. Such morally repulsive actions should be punished swiftly and severely.


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  1. This reminds me of some of the seminal work done by Lincoln Anthony Blades regarding the benefits and disadvantages of intimacy with the mentally challenged. Blades enjoyed the assertive advances made by a special needs, but fully developed, female who knew what she wanted sexually. The life changing encounter happened on a train where Blades discovered the value of not overlooking the “special talents” of good people who are often marginalized for no good reason.

  2. Speaking of school bus issues, Jim Richards, a school bus driver in Roswell New Mexico, is upset at Merilee Dannemann for claiming that diesel fuel exhaust from the bus can cause cancer etc.

    Richards, predictably defends his occupation in the RISD, but fails to counter the well researched Triple Spaced print columnist position that idling school buses are a danger and should be turned off by law.

    Jim Richards erroneously declared that Dannemann cited no sources. Here you go Jim: exposure to diesel fumes/exhaust reduced lung function and increased incidences of pneumonia in children, according to a 2015 study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. And New Mexico has a respiratory disease problem.

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