Roswell and The Rifleman

Mark and Lucas McCain
Mark and Lucas McCain

We are habitual “The Rifleman” fans and continuously record episodes on our DISH Hopper DVR. There are constant references to Santa Fe, Las Cruces and Albquerque, NM. We listen carefully for any mention of New Mexico towns since we are NM residents.

In the episode “Gun Shy”, Mark developed an irrational fear of guns due to the accidental shooting death of a friend as a consequence of the mishandling of his father’s rifle. An outlaw trying to get out of North Fork wanted to use Lucas and the female hotel owner as a front to get out of town. The outlaw proposed that Lucas and the attractive hotel ¬†owner with sensual curved figure elope for a wedding in Roswell while the outlaw hid in carriage.

Mark overcame his gun phobia long enough to throw the rifle to his father who in typical fashion gunned down the fugitive from justice.

This may have been the same episode where father warned his son on the evil of debt.


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  1. Was Mark McCain ever spanked in any of the 168 episodes? We have not viewed a single rifleman episode where Johnny Crawford’s character was even close to having his fanny stung. He was once punished at school for throwing spit wads and had to chop wood as punishment.

    1. Hate to tell you dude, but a lot of kinky, perverted pedophile creeps out there who are interested at watching Mark McCain get spanked because that is how that get off. They prefer a pic of a bare red ass to any sort of historical stuff.

  2. Stagecoach West episode The Guardian Angels showed religion as devious cash making endeavor, along with arrogant rude easterner, and cheating card shark who all bonded after being held up by corrupt military officer commanding savage scalping Indians. Good acting by Wayne Rogers, Robert bray, mort mills, James Burk

  3. Those old western scenes with tired thirsty cowboys sitting in a saloon in the heat of the summer would be a great backdrop for a Dr Pepper soft drink commercial!

    Sawyer Stevens won $100,000 for throwing footballs into a hole on a big Dr Pepper can during half time competition of Ohio State Wisconsin College football game.

    I wonder if this is the same Survivor Of 2008 School Bus Crash Who was also the Valedictorian. I believe the fatal accident happened in southwest Minnesota.

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