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We had issues recently when we forgot our passwords for our social security accounts. Since USA citizens no longer receive annual Social Security Statements, we are all forced manage our accounts online. So we went to the government website where we were given the option of resetting our passwords.

Everything was going smoothly initially, until we reached the screen you see below with a list of complicated instructions and conditions regarding the format of the password. The password has to be at least 8 characters long, have at least one special character/symbol like a dollar or percent sign, at least one upper case letter,  at least one lower case letter, at least one number/digit 0-9. and begin with a letter or number(can NOT begin with special symbol).

I entered passwords meeting these conditions repeatedly only for the online Social Security Administration system to reject it claiming I had not adhered to the aforementioned rules! I FINALLY Determined that it did not like/accept consecutive digits. For example, I like the string 12345 or 54321 to make it easy to remember. So, even though it did not state that consecutive digits was unacceptable, it would reject passwords that contained consecutive digits.

Moreover, the system told me that the passwords I created with consecutive digits were “good” passwords even though it rejected three of them! I hope this helps, because it wasted about one hour of a nice cozy Sunday morning.

I do understand the philosophy or reason behind not having consecutive digits in a password, however when mixed with with numbers, letters, and special symbols it is still virtually impossible to guess.





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