Make Up pays around two Rents


Alexa Von Tobel’s book titled Financially Fearless is chockablock full with spending advice that will make your retirement much less stressful and much more leisurely. She points out that every dollar you don’t spend prior to retirement will be earning interest and benefit you during your Golden Years.

Her book has many jaw dropping financial alerts to personal spending habits that add up to quite a bit at the end of the year. No man should question his wife’s need to feel attractive. Men are just as vain, but probably do not spend as much to create the look they are seeking.

I was shocked to learn that the average monthly budget for female make-up is $100 or a staggering 1200 dollars per year for cosmetics! That would cover two $600 monthly rent or mortgage payments.

At the risk of singling out women for doing girly things, men waste just as much or more doing what makes them tick. It is an excellent money saving strategy for both sides in the relationship to write down the monthly cost of items like cosmetics, golf equipment, hobby equipment, and other nonessential purchases.

Tobel points out that keeping track of cost per use is a good idea in determining whether to buy a product at a particular price. We bought a sump pump for $60 dollars which we use to clean our on demand, tankless hot water heater. Calling a plumber to do the job would be around $100. We have used the submersible pump twice which equates to $30 per use which has so far saved us $140 in plumbing bills.

Listening to the founder and CEO of  can only benefit those who take her advice and tips seriously.


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