Profuse  thanks to John Stossel for the usage of  apparatchiks in reference to Hillary Clinton and her programmed minions. The naive etymology of apparatchik appears to be chicks of the apparatus. The true origin of the term has to obviously be Russian, however the collision of chik with chick has to be humorously noted. Monica Lewinsky and Susan McDougal come to mind as textbook examples of women who “went down” for their party.

One definition of the term is one who is a moving part  in the machine of a large, powerful organization.  That organization could be the government itself or any entity whose views and existence are advanced and promoted by the government.

A more nameless working defintion of apparatchik could be “The professional politician from NYC was an apparatchik when it came to generating money for campaigns. She could sense it, dig  it out, stockpile it,  and gleefully spend it, leaving only droppings as insufficient evidence.”  All in the day of a rat, I mean rodent.

BTW Stossel is a libertarian columnist who appears to be glad that Trump was elected, but he recently called out the president elect for wanting to fine or even incarcerate flag burners.



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  1. I am happy that somebody of Stossel’s status applauds how Trump completely and justifiably disrespects the press/media. The New York Time can not even give away subscriptions to rural America. I keep getting these deals from them for the electronically distributed version of their distortions. Trump’s victory ripped their hearts out. They are being cleaved from the herd with the wilderness not so distant from their cubicles where they churn out liberal tripe that fewer and fewer of us want to read.

    1. Angela Rye, CNN commentator, is proof they do not vet their employment applications thoroughly. You could see tears forming in her eyes as she stated that Hillary had won popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. Angela did not mention all those votes came from hopelessly LEFT California. Rye would have said the electoral college was a great thing had her weak female candidate received 270 votes. Angela your voice like all those out of touch celebrities who endorsed Hillary, is fading like one descending deep into a cave. Do you swallow? I hope so because you still are young enough to earn some money in that industry. Your days at Clinton news network are ticking down.

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