Khalwat appears to be a Muslim Arabic term based on my reading in Understanding Islam by Thomas W. Lippman. Khalwat literally means sex between unmarried men and women which is rampant in most of the world, but was/is prohibited in Malaysia.

The working meaning of Khalwat is close proximity between the sexes. One can certainly understand the jurisprudence or philosophy associated with this being outlawed. The sexual impulse is strong and one way to avoid unwanted pregnancies is to not allow for the precondition of proximity which certainly avoids copulation.

Many Western Christian families practice this not as a tenet of Christianity, but as a pragmatic decision avoiding a costly and family wrecking pregnancy. We know Church of Christ families that chaperone their daughters on their high school prom dates which indicates they believe in Khalwat even though they certainly not acknowledge it given the tension between the two religions these days.


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  1. Speaking of why there is a special word for horny people being too close to each other, you have to read these partial interviews conducted by Alissa Scheller and Shane Shifflett

    We have pets and enjoy being together without always being in alert mode. We also enjoy our sleep and taking long road trips, going on date nights several nights a week and using our vacation for romantic getaways that don’t involve the extra work of packing for anyone but ourselves. Admitting you are selfish helps avoid 18 year long continuous job.

    I get my children fix being a teacher. Since the world is overpopulated with some who are not assured of clean water or roof over their head, I don’t think my genetic material is so special that I need to add to the problem. I am also prone to moderate depression and wonder, “Why would I make someone who could feel like this? I can’t guarantee someone’s happiness.”

    I’m scared of the deleterious effects of carrying a baby. Mothers and pregnant women are constantly talking about morning sickness, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, feeling unattractive and the list goes on! This intensifies my aversion of carrying a 9 month parasite. I’ll admit that I’m also afraid of weight gain, peeing when I sneeze or fart because your internal workings are never quite the same after pushing a nine pounder out of an opening that is very small. I love kids but not enough to have one. My goddaughter is enough responsibility. The man I live with has an awesome daughter that I maternally influence.

  2. Brian Claypool, civil rights attorney with loads of cosmetic denistry, defends the actions of uTube punk Adam Saleh who stated he was thrown off a Delta Flight for speaking Arabic. Claypool was loving the publicity he was racking up on the o’reilly factor. Saleh has no credibility or intelligence to be speaking Arabic clamorously on a plane in post 9/11 United States

    1. London is home to more than one million Muslims from dozens of countries. The city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, is Muslim, and is supported by Caucasians outside the Muslim community.

      As Hamdan Omar, another student who grew up in the area, put it, “There are people on both sides who want the confrontation of civilizations.”

      The man under investigation for the mosque attack Is Darren Osborne, 47, of Cardiff, Wales. Prime Minister Theresa May, who has been excoriated for her reaction to the Grenfell fire, criticized the assault as an act of “evil” and “hatred” and promised to improve the security at mosques from lunatic Christian terrorists.

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