I became familiar with the term Labile while reading the book Guilty by Reason of Insanity. Author M.D. Dorothy Otnow Lewis was describing the psychological state of mind of Johnny Garrett who frequently exhibited free and uncontrolled mood swings or behavioral expressions of his emotions.

At the bottom of page 203, she wrote that murderer Johnny had “the impulsiveness, labile moods, poor judgement, and paranoia of a prize fighter who has weathered too many rounds” of boxing. Otnow is also credited with the catchy and accurate phrase: “We have learned that somebody has to be really crazy to be called a schizophrenic by a death row psychiatrist”. The We in previous sentence appears to be Otnow and her husband who spent a lot of time observing those with a predilection for violence at the penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas. Nun Killer Garrett seemed to intrigue her the most as she was developing her reputation as an expert witness in high profile murder cases like the ones involving Mark David Chapman and Arthur Shawcross.

I don’t much like how people like Dr Lewis are part of making the names of cold blooded killers household names to the point stardom. Her fascination with violence is personal tracing back to her somewhat dark childhood.

Anyways, back to the origin or etymology of the term Labile. It comes from Latin word labilis meaning to fall  or apt to slip, transient.


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  1. Psychiatrist Doctor Steven Black was charged with battery on his wife or significant other leaving marks on her neck. The shrink claimed the marks were a result of rough sex.

    He is the owner of Galactic Sushi and a nice guy who helped my uncle with alcoholism and depression.

    I did not know that the rush of breath that results from being choked released endorphins. Dr Black, of Roswell NM, must have known this combines with the neurochemical secretions of sex creating exhilaration and more intense climaxes. The sex was probably consensual. Older couples need more variety to be stimulated.

    Sexual asphyxia should only be practiced by experienced and compatible couples

    1. Steven’s wife Helen courageously stands by her overworked medical professional husband despite Tom Cruises opinion regarding psychiatry .

      Shawna Wheat, apparently a friend of Helens, said doctor Black the owner of Pangea clinic became extremely aggressive and agitated not allowing ANYONE to exit his domicile concerned the marks on Helens neck would be interpreted as assault versus rough consensual sex.

    2. Right, older couples need something to spice up their bedroom activities to make it more stimulating and pleasurable. CEO Steven Black was probably able to bankroll the dismissal of the felony charge to misdemeanor battery by being able to afford the high priced defense attorney Michael Gomez Junior.

      A custodian , who had left scratch marks on his wife’s neck during hanky panky, would have been convicted of a felony.

      Even though the shrink was no convicted, he will lose in the run due to a damaged professional reputation.

  2. My daughter was helped immensely by Dr. Greta Kerwin while we lived in area just south of Dallas in Texas.

    She was a level headed psychotherapist who charged reasonable rates. She had a friend named something Latimer who was cool and another guy friend who was hilarious !

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