I became acquainted with the term Nidicolous  skimming through Richard Dawkin’s Brief Candle in the Dark(not bad for a guy who struggles with self-effacing portrayals). Now Nidicolous rhymes with ridiculous, allowing for the appropriate swapping of vowels, and a nameless gentleman submitting a paper to a Dutch journal had to sheepishly endure his erroneous substitution of  ridiculous for the his intended term Nidicolous. Dawkins posits that the journal editors full well knew Nidicolous was intended, given the milieu of biological vernacular, BUT let the egregiously out of place word slip on through to publication!

Back to the dull details of the etymology of  our quadrisyllabic  wrecking ball. It means nest inhabiting and has come to mean overly dependent on ones parents contrasted with nidifugous progeny who leave their parents quickly striving for early independence.


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  1. Dimmer light Anthony Kenny criticizes the author of blind watchmaker for honestly being baffled about consciousness. Anthony Kenny has some type of emotional attachment to the term conscious. The Turing Test turns consciousness into a Yes/No outcome which Anthony Kenny appears to be confused about. What does Anthony Kenny actually mean by the ambiguous phrase first-person awareness that “machines are incapable of possessing”?

    Kenny arrogantly asserts that computers are just tools with no capacity to be self aware. Dawkins would do well to not engage a man who is around two IQ standard deviations beneath selfish gene author

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