“even though eternal beings might seem likely to have little interest in quotidian human concerns.” This is a quote I lifted from The Faith Instinct by Nicholas Wade subtitled How Religion evolved and why it endures. Wade does a nice job of linking the human need for a supernatural agent(A God) and the cooperation/survival of the herd or group. He seems to believe our need for a God supersedes the question of God’s existence.

The context alone is a give-away to the meaning of quotidian without having to use a dictionary. I surmised the term had to mean routine or mundane.

The most respected of all dictionaries, the Oxford English Dictionary, indicates the word was first used in 14th century. It comes to us from the Latin quotus, meaning “daily”.  The word essentially means “every day”.  It can also mean any event or activity that is rather mundane or occurring  regularly.

Quotidian has been used in medicine to refer to an illness that has regularly recurring symptoms such as  quotidian fever.

Finally, the French word for “daily” is quotidien  or a reference to a daily newspaper.


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