The etymology of religion appears to derive from the Latin religare which means to bind. I became aware of this word origin while reading the page turning The Faith Instinct by Nicholas Wade.

Wade points out religion emerges when people signal to each other their commitments to the shared beliefs that bind them together as a community.

This binding together has a darker side that can lead to zealotry and fanaticism. As an example considered the murderous actions of Paul Hill who believed he was carrying out the will of God when he  gunned down an abortion doctor and his bodyguard.




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  1. A guy named Scott, a former student at Rutgers who wrote a paper titled Can societies survive without religion in a course about human souls, concluded that there are numerous societies that are non-religious who do not use beliefs in supernatural agents(gods) for societal control. Religion is unnecessary for social control.

    Scott is a brave man who is aware belief in God is based on the pathetic human failing to live forever and there is something special about a bunch of hairless apes. His website Skeptic Meditations is a must visit where you will not be able to determine his last name unless you buy Psych Prof. Daniel M. Ogilvie or Hamilton a beer.

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