Sacerdot means priest in Latin and hence its adjective form sacerdotal which I became acquainted with in The Faith Instinct by Nicholas Wade.

The author covered the fascinating transition from peripatetic hunter gatherer societies who somewhat privately worshipped Rain, sun and moon Gods TO settled societies where the people worshipped its strongest members and attributed God like powers to them which led to the worship of men(priests/sacerdots )



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  1. I was dismayed at the ignorance of Notre Dame anthropology professor Agustín Fuentes who appears to fancy himself as intelligent and influential as Wade. Until Instructor Agustín Fuentes has the imprimatur of luminaries like Frans de Waal and Edward O. Wilson, he will just have to continue grading papers like a good teacher,

    1. Jennifer Viegas writing for discovery channel cites the Notre Dame professor who shares her delusional state that world peace is possible. Both of them want it so fervently that they commit the sophomoric scientific error of only searching for data that supports their claim like monogamous monkeys. There will always be wars as long as there is water and food to compete for. We are just animals with overdeveloped organs between our ears.

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