This  term coming to us from The Plague by Albert Camus is quite depressing as is the general tenor of much of the work of the late French author. Born in Algiers, the writer noted for his view that human existence is absurd would have been 114 had he not been negatively accelerated through the rear of an automobile snapping his neck consequent to high speed collision with large tree. He is famous for his Sisyphean, nihilistic outlook on the futility of the human condition.

Suppurate is a verb meaning to fester or leading to the formation of pus. It’s usage referenced swollen lethally infected ganglia in the groin areas of plague devastated decedents.  It’s exact context can be seen in the verbatim excerpt below.

pressing his hand to his groin, and running a high fever accompanied by delirium. The ganglia were much bigger than M. Michel’s. One of them was beginning to suppurate.



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