Even as a gullible youngster, I remember having grave doubts about the teleological argument for our existence and being thrilled that Richard Dawkins agreed with me.  A dimmer light named Greg Graffin faintly criticized Rick Warren for making a ton of money off his magnum opus titled The Purpose Driven Life which espouses the untenable view that us humans were designed by a benovelent creator.

Graffin, despite his erroneous conviction that wars are not inevitable, does a good job of refuting Aristotelian teleology in his tome titled population wars. Teleology means purpose or design, but evolution is brutally non-teleological.

One does have to wonder why a guy as intelligent as Graffin could possibly believe his ideas could lead to a cessation of war.

Could it be that he doesn’t, but that he could sell more books to a world full of people who fervently desire an end to wars and their horrors. Is that sort of like a Darwinian adaptation?


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