Wassup with Wassatteyya? I am curious if extreme usage of double consonants is more prevalent in Arabic/Islamic vocabulary than English?

I became familiar with the term skimming through the tome of Raymond William Baker titled One Islam Many Muslim Worlds.

Wassatteyya is defined as the Islamic mainstream which is analogous to Christian conservative. Members of the Wassatteyya category are centrist Muslims, about 1.6 billion in number, and are not obsessed with destroying America or envious of the many Western accomplishments. They do not hate westerners.

Baker declares: “To be sure, American propaganda exaggerates both the power and moral depravity of the Islamic enemy”.

Understand that only a minute percentage of all practitioners of Islam are zealot San Bernardino type head cases. Look at the actions of conservative Christian Paul Hill for similar barbaric acts on our own soil.


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  1. How can Wassatteyya as the mainstream be compared to “Christian Conservatives” since being Conservative is not mainstream Christianity? I am presently reading Baker’s book but am not getting a good sense of what “Wassatteyya” really defines as far as Islamic thinking.

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